Stay KooooK Hotel Leipzig

Culture meets Comfort

The new hotel building is located in the inner western suburb of Leipzig and is being constructed on an undeveloped site. The neighborhood is characterized by cultural institutions, such as the renowned Schauspielhaus, museums and public monuments complemented by vibrant and varied gastronomy. The quarter is a magnet for visitors.
Our facade design is inspired by the aesthetics of the early 20th century, which still characterizes some of the surrounding architecture. The plaster facade is articulated by classical decorative elements. At the corner of Gottschedstrasse and Bosestrasse, which provides access to the building, the façade curves around to emphasize the special corner location and anchor it visually in the urban space.

Special but not pushy

Welcome to KooooK

The entry level combines bar, working lounge and reception.

Key Facts

Location: Leipzig

Client: Merkur V.

Period: 2018 - 2022

Size: 6.500 sqm

Commission: LPH 1-5