Shine and light

In 2008, we brought expressive light refractions, shine, and movement to Sonnenstrasse 15, one of the most central addresses in Munich. There is a post-war building with a foyer, a central atrium and a second foyer that leads passers-by into Herzog-Wilhelm-Straße. The guiding design principle corresponded with the economic circumstances of its time of origin, it was boring, dreary, and inappropriate for this prime address. Something beautiful, moving, and attractive should replace it, and we redesigned the space into an expressive 'passageway'. In 2014 we received the 'best architects' award in the interior design category.

Connection is key

Key Facts

Location: Munich

Client: JP Commercial I Sarl

Period: 2008

Size: 700 sqm

Commission: LPH 1-5

walk through dream through

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