Sick Haus A, Waldkirch

A new office building for the sensor manufacturer SICK

The office building for the sensor manufacturer SICK will hold space for over 500 workplaces on around 9300 square meters. We built our architectural concept based on the quotation of SICK’s corporate philosophy: ”We are down to earth engineers, with both feet firmly planted in the ground, that aspire to transform to a “Tech-Company”. We simply do what we say, are who we are, and we make a difference in the world, without making a fuss about it.”

Sick Render OSA Ochs Schmidhuber Architekten

Transparency, innovation and down-to-earthness in the new building

Sick Render OSA Ochs Schmidhuber Architekten

The new building will be divided into two areas, Building Part A South and Building Part A North. In the south section, all roads lead together. A central hub will be created on the site, which can be reached from all sides and promotes direct personal exchange. The two sub-areas differ primarily in terms of their exterior architecture: while the central southern section, viewed from the outside, features crossed reinforced concrete columns behind a glass facade in an X-shape - symbolizing inventiveness, creativity, networking and collaboration - the northern part of the building has clear, straight structures and is also designed to be transparent with a glass facade.

The entire building with its two sections radiates an uncomplicated, down-to-earth calm that is intended to have an inviting effect on employees and guests. It is transparent and open: open to collaboration, competence, courage and creativity, diversity and innovation.
We wanted to create the most understandable building, without unnecessary bits and parts - absolutely precise, functional and aesthetic. If you overlay and combine the essential, more complex and independent structures emerge. Completion is planned for the first quarter of 2025.

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Key Facts

Location: Waldkirch, Freiburg

Client: Sick AG

Period: 2021-2024/ongoing

Size: 9.300 sqm

Commission: LPH 1-8

Images: OSA

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