Siemens - Feldafing

In Transition – New Feldafing

Change and transformation characterise our working world today. Siemens is in the midst of one of these profound changes due to the division of the company into three parts. Our design addresses this transition and focuses on responding to ongoing dynamic processes through its flexibility and functionality. "When you finished changing, you're finished" (Benjamin Franklin). However, a high degree of flexibility always goes hand in hand with identity, and despite all the possibilities for change, it was enormously important for us to have an architecture that created an identity for the new GLC. The GLC is the heart of Siemens, the accolade for every Siemensian, the built appreciation of the company towards its employees.

Siemens AG, Render OSA Ochs Schmidhuber Architekten

A fluid connection between the building and its surroundings

The design literally nestles into the topography and surrounding landscape. Through the organic form and the pavilion character, we create flowing transitions from inside to outside. The park thus becomes an active part of the design and the place Feldafing with its proximity to nature is perceived more strongly.

Siemens AG, Interior Render OSA Ochs Schmidhuber Architekten
Siemens AG, Render OSA Ochs Schmidhuber Architekten

All under one roof

Identity and belonging are created through a high degree of transparency and spatial proximity and without demarcations through storeys. A natural flow of movement and short distances are crucial. The design is characterised by active routing and a high quality of stay in the intermediate zones.

Siemens AG, Interior Render OSA Ochs Schmidhuber Architekten


The sustainability concept examines the focus topics of low energy consumption, resource conservation, life cycle assessment (use of wood), and a future-oriented operation, which can enable the vision and the desired certification according to LEED Platinum and WELL Gold.

  • BE LEAN Minimising the total energy demand

  • BE CLEAN Efficient energy production with low CO2 intensity

  • BE GREEN Maximising renewable energy on the site

  • BE ZERO Goes beyond principles and complements them with off-site strategies to achieve net zero

Key facts

Client: Siemens AG

Location: Feldafing, Starnberg, Munich

Period: Oct 2020 - Juli 2021

Size: 11 400 m²

Commission: competition

Certification: LEED Platinum und WELL

CO2 Foot-print: 300KgCO2e/m²

Siemens AG, Render OSA Ochs Schmidhuber Architekten
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