South Horizon Munich:
Loft Spaces with a View

In the south of Munich, OSA designed an industrial-styled project that retains a part of the surrounding architecture. Along the old Isartal railway line, where the project is built, one can still find pieces of history in the beautiful brick stations. We have adapted and improvised this language of architecture in our new project. A perfect harmony between brick, concrete and metal can be seen in the South Horizon.

The building consists of six floors, including a recessed terraced floor and two metal and glass bridges with open working spaces. Five service cores provide access to this 30,000 sqm S-shaped building. The open staircase that connects the two green spaces has been designed with seating that is intended to work as a social space to encourage interaction between all users. Each floor can be rented from one to four clients.

SOHO South Horizon München

The wide range of smaller Focus Rooms to larger Hybrid Spaces offer endless opportunities for a creative and progressive work culture. Thoughtful planning in the early stages of the project offer users the option to customise individual office spaces from three pre-defined styles. Open spaces with large metal windows along with the exposed concrete create a Loft character that encourages a “no-nonsense” work atmosphere, while the mix of offices, hybrid spaces and interconnected green areas bring life and energy to this beautiful neighbourhood.

Key Facts

Location: Munich

Client: Hammer AG / Optima-Aegidius

Period: 2020 - 2022

Size: 31.000 sqm

Commisson: LPH 1-5

Images: In House

Link: South Horizon

South Horizon München

The facade has a striking feature in the outdoor steel staircases that have been designed in a very industrial style. With car parking space in two levels, bicycle parking at two locations, adequate parking for Electric Vehicles and a direct connection to public transport, South Horizon is designed for every potential user.
Parts of the roof have been separated from the technical areas to create well designed terraces with views of the famous Alps.

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