Colosseum Essen

Innovation with History

The history of Krupp Stahl in Essen began more than 200 years ago, and the Colosseum, as a monumental witness to that time, will point the way for Coworking 2.0 in the Ruhr region.
Innovation is not static. A dynamic environment, exchange and inspiration are the basis of our design - the public is an important part of the Innovation Center. The historic hall takes center stage and is strengthened in its power as the heart of the building. By reactivating historical elements of the surrounding area and adjacent park areas, we create a natural flow whose highlight is the vertical park.

vertical park

An outside workplace creating an added value and connecting the surrounding green areas.

Key Facts

Location: Essen

Client: RAG-Stiftung / E.ON / Kölbl Kruse

Period: 2020

Size: 18.000 sqm

Commission: Competition