Volt Alexanderplatz

Hybrid Architecture

Berlin. Capital City. Neighbourhood ‚Mitte‘. This is where life takes place, in a single day around 40.000 people pass the streets and squares around Alexanderplatz. In 2014 we were invited to a competition to design a hybrid architecture for a multibrand shopping - and adventure property, with branded shops, pop-up stores, restaurants, and a hotel. The building was supposed to be the third mall near Alexanderplatz, called 'Volt'. The most exciting part is our fourth floor with a view of the 'sky over Berlin'. It should accommodate a wind tunnel for flying and a citywave for surfing. We will be building both of the latter details. Unfortunately, our architecture remains only a draft.

It´s all about the mix

Ground Floor

4th floor

indoor surfing at its best

Key Facts

Location: Berlin Mitte, Alexanderplatz

Client: TKN Real Estate

Period: 2014

Size: 29.000 sqm

Commission: Competition

Point of attraction in downtown Berlin