Sick Akademie

Studying close to nature

At Sick Stiftungs GmbH, founded by Sick AG, the employees come first. Training and further education are as much a part of everyday life there as the work itself. This gave rise to the idea for a Sick Academy in the surroundings of Buchholz Castle, for which we developed an exciting concept. On the extensive grounds, we designed five buildings with different volumes and cubatures, which also take up motifs of Black Forest architecture in a very modern style. Inside, they are largely free of load-bearing structures and technologically equipped according to the latest standards and specifications. Outside, they unfold with reference to nature. Nature plays a central role in our concept. For the park we planned groups of trees with dense canopies as protective roofs - the spaces created by the trees can be used as open air offices.

Natural materials, functional design

Reflecting the park of Schloss Buchholz in the mirror walls.

Key Facts

Location: Buchholz

Client: Sick Stiftungs GmbH

Period: 2018

Size: ca. 3.500 sqm

Commission: Competition

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